1 Question, 100 People (6-Minute Inspirational Video)

1 Question, 100 People (6-Minute Inspirational Video)

Video producer Shmuel Hoffman has done it again, another awesome and moving video. He approached over 100 Jews on the street and asked them a single question…



  1. Very nice, just a thought…if they did this is Israel…I think the top 3 answers to what obstacles we face on our journey to happiness is …1. National security.. the threat of nuclear iran and an anticipated war and gaza throwing rockets daily on innocent civilians trying to make it thru the day…2. Day to day beureacracy, at any given store but especially govt. Run like, bituach liumi, bezek, cellular companies, the banks, doar, and sometimes even the grocerie store…3. Financial security, the cost of living, renting, buying, eating.. Taxes rose to 17%, thats almost 20% of ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you buy and not to mention earn… So this was a thought I had, would anyone living abroad, especially in the USA be able to deal with all this on their plate daily and transcend into a “happy place” if they didnt have the emuna and bitachon a Jew is taught to have…unlikely…

  2. what a moving film. I didn’t know what I would say until I heard it being said: lack of gratitude. so simple, yet so true.

    money, status, relationships, respect, whatever people desire: it doesn’t matter what we have: we can never be happy unless we appreciate it. same goes for the comment above – if we don’t appreciate the fact that we live in israel, or even the fact that it still exists and thrives and is JEWISH, then all those things above will surely be obstacles to our happiness.

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