Jamie Geller Arrives in Israel (10-Minute Moving Video)

Jamie Geller Arrives in Israel (10-Minute Moving Video)

I was sobbing throughout this entire video. So moving to see Joy of Kosher author Jamie Geller saying goodbye to her parents and neighbors and cleaning out her house in preparation for her family’s aliya to Israel. Mazal tov, Jamie, to you and your family on your new life in Israel! I am so thrilled for you:)


  1. I was sobbing…memories of how we left family and a different reality…cant wait till next episode! Please post it!

  2. Sad. Awful. The separation of galus.

  3. Miriam Friedman

    I was crying from beginning to end!!

  4. I was in tears from the very beginning. What a beautiful thing to observe. I am not Jewish, but have such a longing to see the Jews of the world return to Eretz Yisrael. I wish that I could pour this desire of my heart into the hearts of those Jews who don’t have this longing. May you all be strengthened by the homecoming of your brothers and sisters.

  5. I looked up, tears streaming down my face, and said: Hashem!!!! Look what your children do for you!

    Jamie Geller had every reason to stay in America, but she didn’t. I’m so proud of her and all our brothers and sisters on those flights. What a kiddush Hashem. I’m proud to be one of her kind. She and those like her lift us all up and make us all want to be better people.

    Thank you so much Chana Jenny for posting. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, you really made my day.

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