Teen with Downs Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen (1-Minute Moving Video)

Teen with Downs Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen (1-Minute Moving Video)

Very, very sweet. A 19-year-old Kansas City high-school senior with Downs Syndrome named Alyssa Brubeck was voted this year’s homecoming queen by her fellow students. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what a homecoming queen is. But one thing I DO know– the parents and teachers of Park Hill South High School are doing something very right in how they are educating these students.


  1. homecoming queen is very prominently featured in the parade when the hometeam starts the season usually for football.(I think) It is usually awarded to a top cheer leader. In most cases physical beauty and/or personality determine the choice.

  2. Susanna Rossen

    I feel so very moved when I read this. Those fellow students did a marvellous deed for Alyssa. Her selfesteem must have sky rocketed. Her parents feel happy and proud of her. I love those kids for that.

    I am raising two boys, born with special needs. Although their differences are not visible, they suffer when they realize that they have it harder then many other children.

    Empathy and kindness are traits that one cannot nurture enough.
    Thanks for sharing this article, as well as many others on your blog.


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