How You Can Protect Israel’s Children from Sexual Predators

How You Can Protect Israel’s Children from Sexual Predators

Nearly every day I see one of the sexual predators who participated in the Nachlaot pedophile ring. While I hate seeing that these criminals have not yet been arrested, at least I know who they are so I can warn my children to stay far away from them.

But most Israeli parents and children would have no way of knowing that a neighbor or (God forbid) schoolbus driver or soccer coach etc. is a pedophile. Please sign this petition to pressure Israel to FINALLY establish a public registry of sexual offenders (like the one that exists in the United States) so that we parents in Israel can keep our children safe.

Click here to learn more and sign the petition


  1. This will only help if those in charge of hiring run a screening based on fingerprints such as is done here in US. I think this would also work even without a ‘registry’ if people have a criminal record. If I am not an Israeli citizen, I don’t suppose you need me to sign the petition.

  2. please don’t lambaste me for asking this, but do we know if publicizing such information about someone is OK halachically? Has anyone asked their rav?

  3. What can we do to protect our children?

    I just recently found out about this very informative website, “Let us grow quietly”.

    For the Wall of Shame go to:

    קיר הבושה. רשימת עברייני מין מורשעים ונאשמים מתוך המאגר.הקליקו על כל תמונה כדי לקבל מידע נוסףשימרו על ילדיכם!
    הנהלת האתר מאחלת לכל ילדי ישראל, שיוכלו לגדול בשקט!

    For the English page of the website go to:

    Tips were provided by “” and by Mrs. Lior Gal-Cohen: sexual violence prevention culture תרבות למניעת אלימות מינית

  4. torah says to remove the wicked man from your midst. we need to show mercy to the children and they need to be our only concern. halacha does not defend wicked corrupt men ever. how do you warn others if you dont name names??? how can you sit back and let others get hurt when you could have stopped them???

  5. If the criminals haven’t been arrested, they wouldn’t be on a sex offenders list, so how does the list help? And where would the many religious people who don’t use the Internet see the list?

    • I’m unclear on the exact details of this proposed law, but it sounds like it would help in cases where a sexual offender is convicted and has been released from jail. Parents would be able to receive information from the police or other local authorities to learn about sexual offenders living in their area.

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  7. angela.smith

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