Sibling Rivalry between Twins in Womb (1-Minute Fascinating Video)

Sibling Rivalry between Twins in Womb (1-Minute Fascinating Video)

Researchers in England caught this amazing footage of a twin kicking his brother during pregnancy. My kids think that this is what an MRI of Esav and Yaakov would have looked like too…Thanks to Rabbi Michael Green for sending this video my way.

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  1. Must be because they are 2 boys! 🙂 We have boy/girl twins who turned 13 last week and they certainly wriggled a lot – I could feel them moving much earlier than any of my other babies. I told the obstetrician and he did a scan at about 8 or 9 weeks and we watched them literally bouncing up and down together inside me. In one of my twin books it mentions a pair of fraternal twins, who could presumably feel each other in utero and said that when they were babies, they used to like to stroke each other with a blanket or something in between, reproducing the same sort of feeling. interesting re: Yaakov and Esav that one of the babies seems to be bowing to the other one…

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