Mazal Tov to Fellow Friends School Alumna, Rochelle!

Mazal Tov to Fellow Friends School Alumna, Rochelle!

A few years ago a young woman named Rochelle Windman came to us for a Shabbat meal. She was putting together a Jewish learning program for singles and somebody suggested my husband could teach. So she came to our house for a meal to meet him.
When Rochelle came in, I asked what she was doing in Israel.
She was studying at Pardes, like I did.
And where was she from?
She was from Maryland, like me.
And where did she go to school in Maryland, I asked.
She had attended “a small school you probably haven’t heard of. A Quaker school, the Friends School of Baltimore.”
Like me!
What were the chances? That (to the best of my knowledge) the only Orthodox graduate of Baltimore Friends School, and the only (to the best of my knowledge) graduate of Baltimore Friends School living in Israel would show up at our home for a Shabbat meal?

Looking back, it was like the Purim story, how Achashverosh “happened to” have trouble sleeping. And “happened to” ask for the Royal Chronicles and “happened to” turn to the page about Mordechai who had revealed to the plot to kill the King. Thus laying the groundwork for the salvation of the Jewish people.

We’ve stayed in touch with Rochelle over the years since then. B”H, Josh had the privilege of performing her wedding to her husband, Yonatan. And this Friday I attended the party celebrating the birth of their first child, Claire Shoshana.

What a gift, that through a miraculous series of “happened tos” this special young woman who has travelled the same nearly unique journey as me is a part of my life. May we merit to share many, many more simchas together!

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