What’s a Jewish Home? (1-Minute Sweet Election Video)

What’s a Jewish Home? (1-Minute Sweet Election Video)

A film crew went around asking average Israelis “What is the Jewish Home for you?” for a Bayit Hayehudi election commercial (elections are coming up on January 22nd). I loved seeing the warm feelings that Jews across the spectrum of Israeli society have for the Jewish home and Israel. (Translation below)


What is the Jewish home for me?

It’s Friday night, Shabbat songs, a family meal.

The Jewish home for me is Israel, and everything that’s in it– the South, the North, the Center.

It’s Shabbat. Honoring your parents.

We support one another and love one another.

It’s bringing everyone closer, bringing our hearts closer to each other.

It’s tradition, family, values.

It’s Friday night at home, Eema’s food.

The Jewish home for me is fun. Full of joy.

It’s my brothers who watch soccer on TV in the evenings with my father.

It’s a Friday night meal, with my parents and siblings, together, making kiddush.

First of all, it’s the Land of Israel. It’s in the heart. It’s the family. And our development as a nation.

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