Uplifting Pesach Cleaning Prayer

Uplifting Pesach Cleaning Prayer

I love this prayer based on the Breslover tradition that you can recite every time before you clean for Passover. I adore this part about every spray and scrub and wash bringing down holy angels to protect your family…We’re in the home stretch now…Only one week to go! Happy cleaning, JewishMOMS!

Master of the Universe, may I merit health and great joy so that I can clean in honor of the holiday with zealousness and thoroughness. With every single movement of spraying and scrubbing and washing and every effort may I merit, as Rebbe Levi Yitschak of Berdichev said, to create holy angels that will protect me and all of my family members and all of the Jewish people.

Please, Master of the universe, see our efforts and our desire and our actions to clean our homes in order to be clean of any sort of Chametz, and in this merit may you clean us of all kinds of Chametz, from the evil inclination and from the things that hold us back so we can come closer to You and do Your will. Until we will merit to have clean and pure minds, a good heart, holy thoughts and a clean mouth, a “Pe–Sach” [a pure mouth].

Save us and enable us to merit that we will not stumble upon the smallest trace of Chametz for the entire Passover holiday and enable us to merit a Pe–Sach, so we will merit to abound in prayer and supplications before You always. So we will merit words that will be heard and accepted by You, and You will enact supernatural redemptions and miracles and wonders for us. Much, much greater miracles than the ones You performed for our forefathers in Egypt.

Please, Creator of the World, just as you split the Red Sea and took us out of Egypt, as you performed miracles and wonders for our forefathers in those days, in that same way enable us to merit today, as well, that You will split the sea of all the things that hold us back and the screens that divide between us and You and take us out of all Egypts. Save us from all suffering and redeem us with a great redemption speedily.

And Pass-over all of our sins and transgressions and crimes and forgive us with full forgiveness with kindness and mercy and bring us back to You with a complete Teshuva through great love for You, and through this, we will pass-over all the vanites and illusions of this world. So there will be an end and a conclusion to all exiles, and may we speedily merit a full redemption with great mercy. Amen.

This prayer is based on the Breslover tradition

This prayer was distributed by R’ Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas, a division of Machon Haadam Hashalem.

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  1. I needed this today! Thank you so much.

  2. very beautiful but I can’t see myself saying while cleaning – it would need to be before or after….

    • JewishMom

      thanks for making this comment, I just changed the intro to clarify that you should say the prayer before you clean:)

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