200-Pound Predator Terrified of 50-Pound Kid (4-Minute Important Video)

200-Pound Predator Terrified of 50-Pound Kid (4-Minute Important Video)

This month, a day-school teacher was arrested in Seattle for molesting 2 6-year-old girls. The girls came forward to complain that they had been touched inappropriately after reading the book Let’s Stay Safe! by Bracha Goetz (in conjunction with Rabbi Horowitz’s Project YES). Educated children are safer children! Watch below to make sure that a 200 pound pedophile will be TERRIFIED of your 50 pound kid (the first of a four-part series).



  1. Thanks – this information is so helpful. Its good to know we can be proactive in helping keep our children be safe in environments where we can’t always be watching.

  2. yasher koach Chana Jenny

  3. anonymous

    My daughter was in that class and she loved that teacher. He was the best teacher she ever had. This alleged “thing” may not even be true.

    But the part about the girls coming out and saying it while reading that book is definitely not true. The two girls (in two different classes) and best friends, were playing together and then came out saying it. This guy and his family are going through hell for something that has way too many loopholes.

  4. vey iz mir

    this is exactly the problem nowadays

    100 years ago NOBODY was a molester (who could believe it?)

    today EVERYONE is a molester — nobody can escape being accused of being a molester (who will believe the man rather than the two six-year-old girls who may have been suggestible after reading the Goetz book?)

    bottom line there are ways to know for sure who is lying and who is telling the truth. there are ways to know who is a molester and who isn’t. there are experienced professionals who can tell. it’s crucial that just as we want to protect innocent children’s purity and save their lives, we also must protect innocent falsely accused men and not destroy their lives and families and parnassah.

    it’s a tough one. you want to protect children. but you can’t destroy an innocent family either.

    i just read “Making Monsters, False Memories, Psychotherapy and Sexual Hysteria” by Watters and Ofshe — it was eye opening

    as a person who comes out publicly against child abuse, and who wants to educate parents and children, it is important for me to understand the other side too

    and then the quest becomes a quest for true professionals in the mental health field (not newcomers who think they know it all) who can truly ascertain guilt and innocence. so we can put the bad guys away and protect our children.

    coming out and making an accusation is a big responsibility. sometimes it has to be done. but only responsibly.

  5. a nephew of mine worked in an overnight camp last summer

    at one point he pulled a kid out of a game because the kid was cheating

    he said, “you’re sitting out the rest of the game”

    the kid said, “if you don’t give me back my bat and ball right now, i’m going to tell my parents you molested me”

  6. Bracha Goetz

    For sure, we have no way of knowing if the alleged molestor in this case did, in fact, molest the girls who reported that he did.

    Here are two important points for all to keep in mind, however:
    A person can be an outstanding teacher, coach, babysitter, relative, neighbor, counselor, etc. in many, many ways and also be a perpetrator. It is vital to understand that the fact that a person may have many admirable qualities does not disqualify a person from also having an extremely harmful addiction.

    The second important point is that it is extremely rare for children to make false reports to the authorities. Providing reports to experts in the field of sexual abuse is a grueling process for alleged victims.

  7. I really hope that there are real investigators that can tell if someone is a real pedophile. This guy has everyone on his back because of these two girls. There are no other people in the past or ever, who ever complained about him.

    (I am anonymous btw) and I know about all those signs and I know that he looks so suspicious and I know that he can be loved by all… but I wish they didn’t just throw him in that catagory just because he was accused. I just know he’s different. He’s a wonderful father of three and has a wonderful wife, ate over at our house all the time and taught my daughter. I just do not believe that these allegations are true, he does not fit into all those other catagories of bad, horrible people.

    • “he does not fit into all those other categories of bad, horrible people”

      WOW, what a naive comment.

  8. Bracha, you write that it is extremely rare for children to make false reports to authorities.



    a) it is becoming more and more common! the tide has turned. whereas before you couldn’t convince anyone that someone was guilty, nowadays you can’t convince anyone that someone is innocent.

    b) a child doesn’t have to go to the authorities. all the child has to do is say something to any adult. it spreads to the whole community and the accused’s life is over.

    c) the story I told above about the child who wanted his ball and bat back (this kid was eight yrs old) and threatened to report his counselor if he didn’t get it – is true

    d) this does not take away the horror of molestation or our responsibility to teach our children to avoid it and to report it

  9. First i think the video presentation is excellent.
    I agree with Rishe’s comments regarding making an accusation and ruining peoples lives without proper evidence and proof of guilt.
    I have been taught that one should always believe a child – but i have also seen children being ” coached and tutored ” to say terrible things – mostly in custody cases.
    Its a huge topic – but in my experience there are usually a lot of victims not just one or two because a predator is usually addicted to what he does and will not be able to stop without treatment.
    I am also concerned about people being accused who are not guilty – the current ” trend ” is to accuse then go to trial.
    However i think some of the real serious abusers and predators are very very clever people and are out there free and getting away with it.

  10. Bracha Goetz

    Rumors are easy to start – in either direction. Molestors are great at the rumor mill too – spreading stories very efficiently that alleged victims are mentally ill or not credible for other reasons.

    It’s easy for a camper to make a disgusting comment like he did, but it would be far, far from easy for him to be cross-examined repeatedly by sexual abuse experts if he were to make a report to the authorities.

    Rumors aren’t helpful to anybody. When someone has been sexually abused, that person needs to report the abuse to the authorities as soon as he or she is able to do so.

  11. I agree 100 percent.

    It is easy to start a rumor, but it is far from easy to fool the police and investigators. B”H for that.

    We are frum Jews, we know that lashon hara can kill – a living death.

    Even though the accuser won’t get far with false accusations, often the damage is done and can’t be undone…

    All the more reason to teach our children (besides how to stay safe) to be honest and not to hurt others.

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