Mother of 20: Uzit Shneerson (3-Minute Inspirational Video)

Mother of 20: Uzit Shneerson (3-Minute Inspirational Video)

I find interviews with mothers of many, many children, like this one below, so inspirational. I’m not saying that having so many kids is a good idea for every JewishMOM, but for me, at least, seeing a happy and fulfilled mother of a huge family like Uzit Shneerson immediately makes me feel more happy and fulfilled in my own life as a JewishMOM of my own far smaller crowd of kids. (This video contains several inspirational interviews with JewishMOMs of many, and I’m hoping to translate a few of these interviews over the coming weeks). One note: the photo featured above is NOT the Shneerson family, it’s just another large frum family. The video has several photos of her family.

Forward video to 53:03 to see interview with Uzit Shneerson. (Translation below). If you cannot see video, click here.

You could say that being a mother of a family blessed with many children is the greatest fun there is.

It’s a very interesting life. You could say that it’s a truly great mission, and a difficult and beautiful one as well.

To be the mother of 20 children… I wouldn’t have thought that I would be able to do something like this.
But, how do they say? With the food comes the appetite.

So when you have one child you want two, and when you have two, you want three. When you have three, you manage with three, and then, B”H, comes the fourth.

And so, even when my 20th was born, I really, really wanted to continue. I say that the verse “the joyous mother of children’ wasn’t written for no reason.

And B”H, my children and this big family bring me great joy. It’s very interesting.

My 18th child said to me just last week, “Eema, what fun it is to have a big family. Whereever I travel in Israel I have a brother or a sister. I travel to the US, I have siblings. I travel to Kiryat Gat, Herzliyah, Ramat Aviv, to Yehud…”

B”H, the children spread out and wherever he travels around Israel and the world he has siblings there.

Now when I look at all of my children who have, of course, grown, and the grandchildren, it’s truly an empire. We have more than 70 grandchildren, and b”H 7 great-grandchildren. And it’s very interesting, very interesting to see the grandchildren together, spending time with each other. When we all gather together sometimes for Shabbat, you see that the cousins are like brothers and sisters. They are growing up with so many friends just within the family.

Was it worth it? It was very, very worth it! I need to thank G-d every second and every minute this. Thank G-d, it’s the most wonderful thing. It’s impossible to even describe how wonderful it is.


  1. She can compare notes with the Duggers in Arkansas- 19 and counting. Maybe it will be an inter- cultural dialogue 😉

  2. How wonderful! I tell my daughter “Hashem decides how many children you can handle. That’s why I only have ONE.” LOL

    A friend of mine has 10 children, and is now looking into possibly adopting or fostering at risk youth. I am in awe of women who have so much energy. May they all live to 120 and know nothing but simcha!

  3. I can’t get to the video??

  4. Hi

    All I see is a 70 minute video of the Rebe in Hebrew nice graphics though where is Uzit?

    thank you so much great site

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