Under the Chuppah of 2 Orphans of Terror

Under the Chuppah of 2 Orphans of Terror

In 2002, the mother and father of Avigdor Gavish were brutally murdered when Palestinian terrorists broke into the family’s home. Just four months later, the mother and father of Ayelet Dickstein were also brutally murdered by a terrorist while on their way to spend Shabbat with relatives.

A decade and a half later, Avigdor and Ayelet met at a support group for orphans of terror. And they realized that while they share a tragic past, they could also build and share a beautiful future–together.

The mothers and fathers of Avigdor Gavish and Ayelet Dickstein were missing and very much missed underneath Avigdor and Ayelet’s chuppah yesterday. Avigdor spoke with great emotion about the destruction of their families, as well as their common yearning to rebuild:

“Today we reestablish our destroyed home, rebuilding one of the ruins of Jerusalem. With the grace of God and great Providence, we give thanks for this miracle. Bo’ee kallah, come my bride. Wear your garments of glory. Come to my house, to our house.”

Mazal tov!

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  1. Mazol Tov!!! May they find much comfort together!

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