What We Leave Behind

What We Leave Behind

All people leave an imprint on the world. When we die, at 120 IY”H, we will leave behind the impact of our good deeds and our mitzvot on other people and the world. And for mothers, Henny Machlis explained…


  1. As someone who absolutely is in awe of Rabbanit Henny, I feel this quote out of context may be quite hurtful to those who are not blessed with children. If this remains on your blog I would love to see you make an addition to the quote, to the effect that we have a tradition that teaching Torah to children makes them your own children and also that the mitzvot we do are our fruits…the children we leave behind in this world. Chag Sameach Chana Jenny

  2. Evelyn S. Haies

    Good deeds last forever.

  3. I agree that not everyone can have children. However, I think helping others, being kind to others, listening to others, — that could save someone from suicide , seriously—all these things we should do, unless Gd forbid we are very sick ourselves , so in that case we need others help. Other then that, even when we may not feel like it. And that’s also eternal.

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