The Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame

What do I think about on Tisha b’Av? This is the day we mourn the brokenness of the world since the Temple’s destruction, and as a Nachlaot JewishMOM, that means the plague of sexual abuse in the Orthodox community is forefront in my mind.

But times, they are, b”H, a changing. Sexual abuse is slowly but surely becoming an issue that Jewish communities are no longer willing to sweep under the carpet.

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So when I saw this photo, it reminded me of my personal heroes: the people standing up every day–despite criticism and harassment and pressure from many directions to “quiet it down”–to keep our children safe from sexual abuse.

Here is my Wall of Fame:

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz of Project YES who is leading the fight against sexual abuse in the Orthodox community through education and advocacy for the victims of molestation.

Debbie Fox, creator of the Safety Kids Program which has taught the ABCs of personal safety to thousands of Orthodox children.

Bracha Goetz, author of Let’s Stay Safe which has raised awareness among her thousands of young readers about the dangers of child molestation.

Debbie Gross, founder and CEO of Israel’s Religious Women’s Crisis Center, which conducts educational programs for children to keep them safe in religious communities across Israel.

David Chaifetz, a victim of childhood sexual abuse who stood up after 30 years at last month’s Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) conference to say that rabbis must have more mercy for the victims, and less for the people who molest children.

Shani and Eli Verschleiser of Magenu that has already educated over 2300 children, 400 teachers, and 1000 parents to keep them safe from sexual abuse.

And last but not least, my Wall of Fame would not be complete without my personal hero here in Nachlaot (who prefers to remain anonymous), who teaches me every day by personal example to “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” Thank you for being my hero and inspiration and for doing everything you can to keep Jerusalem’s children safe.

Did I miss somebody? Please feel free to leave Wall of Fame names in the comment’s below…


  1. I think we could nominate you, Chana Jenny, for inclusion on the Wall of Fame. Apart from the chizuk which so many Jewish mothers receive from your blog, the openness and honesty with which you have shared your experiences of the events in Nachlaot have made many people aware of this issue, the impact on families and the courage necessary to stand up to abusers and those who defend them.

  2. And across the pond, here on the UWS of Manhattan in NYC, , your voice rings loud & your words are wonderful reminders of the constant need to educate & not allow anyone to intimidate! A dear Israeli friend who lives nearby me here on the UWS is convinced that there’s no pedafile situation in your community bc it would’ve hit the Israeli news! Oy vey! Thank you for your candidness and bravery.

  3. I’d like to nominate Genendy Eisgrau. Her blog speaks for itself.

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