The Itsy-Bitsy-Teensy-Weensy Bikini (8-Minute Modesty Video)

The Itsy-Bitsy-Teensy-Weensy Bikini (8-Minute Modesty Video)

Swimsuit designer and actress Jessica Rey has gone to war on the bikini. Modesty, she explains, isn’t about covering up what’s bad–it’s about choosing to be a valued human being rather than an object. Loved hearing about this important topic from a woman who isn’t Jewish. This whole video is worth watching, but if you are in a rush, make sure to watch at least from 6:30…

Please note: This video contains photographs of women in bathing suits.


  1. Elizabeth Frasier

    I was just talking about this with a friend on Sunday, she struggles with encouraging her daughter to wear, and feel beautiful, in modest swimsuits. It bugs me so much when I go to the store and the only modest swimwear is in plus size or even if they’re stocked in regular sizes the stores only carry L or XL; it makes me want to yell, “It’s not about shame! I’m not ashamed of my body, I LOVE my body, that’s why I want to treat it with respect.”

    P.S.- Love you, love the blog and after watching your video where you talked about how this blog is what you love to do for yourself, how it’s you “me time” I just want you to realize that it is a very giving “me” thing to have. It blesses others in ways you don’t realize.

    Thank you.

  2. thank you for posting this interesting video. Her background information sets the stage for her message.

  3. Very inspiring to see this coming from the secular, western society. Right now, she’s a lone voice, I hope she makes in roads. Wendy Shalit was a secular Jew in an ivy league university, and was distinctly horrified to find out that the showers in the dorms were Co-Ed. Not knowing judaism’s view on modesty and self esteem, she started lecturing on just that. She’s now religious and has authored a book called girls gone mild. My only “amusement”, was that this model was not exactly the epitome of modesty, although I’ve seen worse.

  4. This was so wonderful. And so informative!! I had no idea of the historic background of the bikini. ive come a long way from my bikini wearing days…. sleeves, swim tights and all. It’s hard, truth be told, for a former Australian beach bunny, but this non Jewish girl gave me a tremendous chizuk. I’m the one who’s afraid to come out of the changeroom because I feel so odd being fully dressed for swimming!! But maybe now I’ll remember the words of the song and see how I’m turning it around in my own tikkun.

    She looked beautiful and stylish, and was surely an inspiration. She will be blessed with success, I’m sure.

  5. only on! (that’s a compliment)

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