The Number 1 Baby Name for 5774 Is…

The Number 1 Baby Name for 5774 Is…

MAZAL TOV!!! Israel’s Interior Ministry reported yesterday that almost 200,000 babies have been born in Israel since last Rosh Hashana, making this the first year in Israel’s history that there are over 6 million Jews living in the Jewish State.

Prime Minister Binyaymin Netanyahu pointed out: “this number has double significance in light of the history of our nation over the last century.”

And what names did Israeli’s choose?

For boys (interestingly, baby boys outnumbered baby girls by over 5000 this past year), the leading names were:

1. Yosef
2. Daniel
3. Uri
4. Itai
5. Omer
6. Adam
7. Noam
8. Ariel
9. Eitan
10. David

For girls:

1. Tamar
2. Noa
3. Shira
4. Adelle
5. Talia
6. Yael
7. Li’an
8. Miriam
9. Maia
10. Avigail

I was a bit baffled by the top name for baby boys. Where did Yosef come from? But then I remembered my neighbor’s baby, Yosef Shalom, named after the great Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zts”l who passed away two summers ago at the age of 102. And then I remembered another neighbor’s baby named Yosef Shalom and another…

Aha! That explains it.

Rav Elyashiv’s victory over Hitler, baruch Hashem.


  1. Nice! One thing, you said, “interestingly, baby boys outnumbered baby girls by over 5000 this past year”

    For all those ready for a reversed shidduch crisis… hang on to your seats!

  2. I had a baby the month before the Yom Kippur war and the whole dept was almost only boys. When the war broke out, an older Yerushalmi woman who had given birth together with me said, “I was afraid to say anything at the time, but I have heard that when many more boys are born, it is a sign that war is coming….” So maybe that is one more reason why so many more boys were born this past year…May the new year usher in only besoros tovos for all Klal Yisroel, including zivugim for all the available singles and babies, healthy & well, for all the parents waiting for them.

  3. What, no Nachman?

  4. The other girls could have been born in Chutz L’aretz. Who worries about shidduchim when your baby is a newborn?! I confronted this situation when my down syndrome baby was born and I got sad thinking that he would never marry. I snapped myself out of it by telling myself – Are you thinking about the Shidduchim for the 1 year old and two year old you have? NO! so why worry about his shidduch now? All these babies should grow up in good health and bring lots of nachas to their parents. Happy sweet new year to everyone.

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