Rosh Hashana 5779: My Highlights of the Year (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Rosh Hashana 5779: My Highlights of the Year (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Looking back at the blessings of 5778.

Rosh Hashana is just a few days away. A brand new year.

How was your year, JewishMOM?

My teacher, Shira Lichtig, asked us this week to imagine all the yummy food that blessed our tables, and filled our hungry bellies so they weren’t hungry any more this year. She asked us to imagine all this abundance spread out on a gigantic table, as far as the eye can see.

Which got me thinking about…

The hundreds of times this year that my kids did or said something so cute, and I thought, I must write this down! (But actually didn’t).

The hundreds of times someone smiled at me and I smiled back and made my heart feel nice and warm.

The 52 times this year that I went from stressed out to the max to absolute calm after I lit Shabbat candles.

The dozens of times I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe that just happened! G-d definitely did this! He for sure runs the world!” (and then quickly forgot that fact…)

The hundreds of thousands of minutes I spent this year under a sturdy roof with my family in a place I can call home.

The thousands of mitzvot I, and you, performed just as we were going about our regular lives as moms and Jewish women.

The few stubborn challenges that stuck like a bone in my throat for way too long this year, but which, thank You G-d, are now behind me.

The handful of times this year when something I thought would most likely never happen, miraculously did. A neighbor who had a baby after a decade of marriage, another after 21 years of marriage, and yet another neighbor who is getting married this week, for the first time, to a man she loves and who loves her, at 53 years of age.

A towering mountain of blessings in 5778, for all of us. And please G-d, an even bigger mountain awaits us in 5779.

With blessings for a good and sweet year! Shana tova u’metuka!

Ketiva v’Chatima Tova! to all of you, your families, and the entire Jewish people


  1. AMEN! And don’t forget the many many blog posts and Mommy peptalks that inspired many many moms out there! Keep up the holy and amazing work and Shana Tova!!!

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