Your Kids are Watching Your Every Move (4-Minute Country Music Video)

Your Kids are Watching Your Every Move (4-Minute Country Music Video)

I sometimes suspect that Country-Western music is the most JewishMOM of musical genres. Get your tissues ready, JewishMOM. Thanks to the Bliss Buzz for sending this my way:)


  1. Wow, how perfect for August when our kids are with us 24/7! Also for Elul – when our kids can hopefully see us focussing on our avodat Hashem.


    by Bracha Goetz and Chana Zelasko

    It’s hard for me to believe that G-d is always there.
    That’s why He gave us two-year-olds. They’re always everywhere.
    G-d can constantly watch me. Little fella, you’re my proof.
    You catch every mistake I make. You copy every goof.
    I mumble all my blessings, so even you can hardly hear.
    And then I expect that your blessings will come out clear.
    When I’m nervous and anxious and acting like a spoiled child,
    Why am I confused that your behavior is so wild?
    I never wipe my feet before coming in the door.
    Why do I get so angry when you dirty up the floor?
    You won’t share your toys with guests, and isn’t that what I taught?
    “Don’t give all our fruit away!” “Give me those crackers I just bought!”
    I tell you: “Don’t be a tattle-tale.” And, “No name-calling, son!”
    But you hear me tell Abba all the “news,” when the day is done.
    “Everything’s for the best,” I like to say. But why should you believe?
    I missed the bus. The bank is closed. You watch me as I grieve.
    Your temper tantrums can’t be my fault. I don’t lie kicking on the ground.
    But I guess you have heard my “fed-up” scream. It’s not the sweetest sound.
    At night, when you’ve been put to bed, and I know you won’t peek,
    That’s when I feel I can relax. Then I don’t have to sneak.
    Well, who am I kidding? Maybe you can’t see.
    But aren’t you my reminder that Someone’s always watching me?
    You are like a sponge, soaking up everything I do.
    Telling me who’s always watching. There’s Hashem – and little you!

  3. I loved this song, along with Just another day in paradise. please can you suggest more similar songs as they are such a beautiful and enjoyable genre of music

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