Driving Molesters out of Jewish Schools (8-Minute Important Video)

Driving Molesters out of Jewish Schools (8-Minute Important Video)

Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, principal of Valley Torah High School in North Hollywood, California, appeals to his fellow educators to report child molesters to the police. Thanks so much to Bracha Goetz, author of the newly-released book, Let’s Stay Pure, for sending this my way.

Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes, presents an award of excellence to Meyer Seewald of Jewish Community Watch for “tireless service and dedication to the community.” Go, Meyer, go!!!


  1. Rabbi Stulberger,
    I just watched your video on driving molesters out of Jewish schools. The saddest part of the whole thing is, of course, that you had to make this video for Jewish educators in the first place. Moving sex offenders around to protect the institution sounds just like the Catholic church. Shame on these Jewish schools and other Jewish settings, placing their need to protect themselves over the horrific acts performed on innocent Jewish children. Where’s the “Jewish” in all this? The lies abound, the victims just a piece of meat. Nameless, faceless, who cares anyway? Let’s just do what we have to to take the heat off. Despicable acts by shameless, predatory, men and women, who pray, cover their heads, and go through the motions, so they can get what they really want…those innocent children. Please,…don’t call these people well respected. They are sexual predators, period. They always find a way to work with children in all kinds of settings, I’m sure you know. Cover-ups, child and parent intimidation, who are you anyway? Are we talking drug dealers, the mob here? Hiding behind Judaism to get away with this is the lowest form of betrayal. How can even one be allowed to be “an administrator” who doesn’t work with children? How can that be? Jail is the answer, not moving them around.

    So little time spent on the victims, who should be front and center, so much time on covering up and protecting the sleezy ones. Is that what Jewish stands for? “Destroying Jewish lives, year after year.” Maybe that should be on the front of Jewish school brochures.

  2. Jenny, can you re-post the video (I am pretty sure I first saw it on your site) of how to talk to your children about sexual predators? It was about 20 minutes long and distilled the issue down into a few simple points and focused on how to speak on the child’s level. Do you know what I mean? If I end up finding it in my email, I will send it to you privately. I think it’s worth re-posting.

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