When Motherhood is Excruciatingly Boring (8-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

When Motherhood is Excruciatingly Boring (8-Minute Mommy-Peptalk Video)

How to feel inspired even when navigating the inevitable boring plateaus of motherhood.


  1. Loved this post! Keep your light shinning and your inspiration going, the years pass by too quickly. Look back at your older boy’s video of when he was a baby, or look at baby pictures of your older girls and you will see that yes, they do grow up and as you say, “Wow what amazing patient young women they are becoming.” B”H diaper rashes are just blips on the radar. You can develop a system with your son to help him keep his boots where they will be found so he doesn’t have to use your mommy sonar to find them! The job of the mom is to become obsolete – but we never stop worrying! And you are right creating and maintaining our mikdosh me’at is how we bring Hashem’s light into the world.

  2. Ayalah Haas

    Jenny, THANK YOU for this post. (WOW – 18 years!)

    It’s funny, but I find that there is never a dull moment living in Jerusalem, whether a Jewish woman is a mommy, a new bride, a single, etc. Therefore, I actually bless my “boring” days! If I do have a moment – even an hour – of boredom, I instinctually remind myself that this moment is way more preferable than a moment of stress, crisis, panic, fear, etc.

    May HaShem bless you, Jenny, and all of your readers with Sheffa and Siyata de Shemaya.

    XO XO XO

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