The Crying Bar Mitzvah Boy’s Song (4-Minute Moving Video)

The Crying Bar Mitzvah Boy’s Song (4-Minute Moving Video)

What a moving video…to see bar mitzvah boy Natanel Dabush crying with gratitude for his life and for Hashem’s closeness at difficult times. Several commentors on the YouTube video explain that Dabush has an incredible personal story: he grew up nearly blind, and after many failed attempts to restore his sight over the years, he finally regained his vision shortly before his bar mitzvah. This boy has drawn a lot of attention–this video has received over half a million views. But when I’m watching him, I’m also thinking about the parents who are managing to raise a boy with such profound emuna and such a sensitive and good heart. Mazal tov!

Forgive me, Father, because I have sinned against you
Forgive all my crimes
On the days that I forgot You, you were always in my life
All of the paths that I took you were actually the candle for my feet lighting the way
I was blind and didn’t see beyond what my eyes saw

The King, King of Kings, thank you for life
for happiness, tears, and laughter
Also when it’s hard sometimes
At those times you are never far away

Also when I walked on paths of darkness
I trusted in You, my L-rd
For the second half, a boy and a girl
Thank you, also, for endless joy
Thank you for the holidays
For the Shabbat that guards
That will never end forever
Every day that passes on my path to Heaven
I have kept you in sight.

The King, King of Kings, thank you for life
for happiness, tears, and laughter
Also when it’s hard sometimes
At those times you are never far away

מלכי המלכים
אייל גולן
מילים: עדי כבירי
לחן: נאור סינואני

סלח לי אבי כי חטאתי לך
מחול לי על כל פשעי
גם בימים ששכחתי אותך
היית תמיד
בכל הדרכים שהלכתי בעצם
היית לי נר לרגליי
הייתי עיוור לא ראיתי מעבר
למה שהביטו עיניי

מלך מלכי המלכים תודה על חיים
על אושר על בכי על צחוק
גם כשקשה לפעמים גם אז אלוקים
אתה לעולם לא רחוק

גם כי אלך ודרכי חשוכה
בטחתי בך אלוקיי
על חצי שני על בכור וילדה
תודה גם על אושר בלי די
תודה על חגים
על שבת ששומרת
שלא יגמר לעולם
כל יום שעובר בדרכי לגן עדן
שיוויתי אותך מול

מלך מלכי המלכים…


  1. Can you please interview his mother?!? What were her secrets?

    Thank you!

  2. i was told that he was blind until shortly before his bar mitzvah, which, if true, would explain both the song choice, as well as the level of emotion.

    • unbelievable, do you know where you read that? could you post the link?

      • i believe it was on the youtube comment section…at least two people commented about that. of course, this is hearsay, but it would explain the level of emotion.

  3. Was he adopted? He appears Sephardi and his parents don’t. Can you tell us more?

  4. Debbie Farkas

    He is a beautiful person inside and out. G-d bless him. He has so much incredible motion. This is one very special person with a beautiful voice. The words are heart wrenching. Beautiful

  5. what a beautiful young man. thank you for posting.

  6. thank you for posting this.

  7. According to my reading of the story, He was partially blind before & G_d touched his eyes again while he was singing the song…see at 1m 30sec while his hands were outstretched, he suddenly (in a fright) grabs his eyes and starts crying. I believe YHWH touched his eyes for the 2nd time.

  8. God Bless this family —This touched my soul Thank you God

  9. I happened to hear this video in a moment I needed it and it gave me much strength at that moment. It is amazing how one act can move another soul and sometimes many. We are here to be the messengers of others…we are all one unit which is God’s creation and the power to accomplish that unity is LOVE:)

  10. Brother Simeon

    How lovely it is! I only had the choice of crying after watching the song, OH MY GOD. LOVE THE BOY.

  11. May this lovely young soul sing for the glory of HaShem proclaiming His wonders et let him serve Him allhis life long ; let him be blessed !!!!!

  12. The story is Fake (sorry to say this). This beautiful song is from his Bar Mitzvah. I have a friend who has spoken to the family. The song is amazing and I cry all the time when listen to the lyrics and when I see his tears in his eyes…

    • Undeniably, young Natanel is a exceptional child with a loving family. It remains unverified whether he had eye issues or simply sings with incredible emotion as befits this song. The family is clearly Sefardi and I’d like to know more about them.

  13. Im amazed, puzzled and moved to tears when i hear him sing and the translated Hebrew words of Worship. Indeed its God.Is He living today?

  14. It was more then emotion that this boy felt but the power and love and mercy and joy of God that feel over him. for God is not moved by emotion but by faith alone in him and in him this boy had faith and God Manifested in him with his holy spirit of love and mercy joy…

  15. I am so moved by this youngster and with the beauty that he sings this song. I cry everytime I hear this. I would love the translation and the actual title in English of this song if possible. sincerely m.colon

    • English Translation:
      Melej Maljei Hamelajim (King of Kings)
      Forgive me father for I have sinned to you
      Forgive me for all my crimes
      Including the days that I forgot you
      You were always
      In my life
      All the paths that I went through
      You were a light to my feet
      I was blind, I couldn’t see beyond
      What my eyes saw.
      King of kings, thank you for life
      For happiness, for crying, for laughing
      Even when it is hard at time, it is also, G-D
      You are never far behind
      Also when I walk and my path is dark
      I trust you my G-D
      For a second half (wife?), for firstborn boy and for a girl
      Thank you also for the abundance of happiness
      Thank you for the holidays
      And for Shabbat that I keep
      That should never end
      Every day that passes on my way to paradise
      I have set you in front of
      My eyes
      King of kings…

  16. Whether or not he has been blind before is not important, to my opinion. This boy is a true messenger of God. I stumbled upon this song a few days ago and I wouldn’t be able to count how many times I’ve been listening to it. I passed it to friends of my parish and they were also struck by such a powerful fervor. I can’t help shedding tears each time. When I’m having trouble to sleep in the middle of the night, I listen to the song and then I’m feeling in peace and ready to sleep. I’m Christian, and I keep on discovering how much we, the Catholic, are very close to our Jewish brothers. Catholic religion has its deep roots in Jewish religion. In other words, without the Jewish religion, Christianism wouldn’t exist. I’m very grateful to the Jewish people, and this song reinforces this conviction. This is said awkwardly, but it’s the language of my heart. Please apologize for my English, I’m French.
    I have discovered the name of this prodigy as I was looking for more songs and more information. His name is Nathanael Dabush. May God protect him.
    I would like to add french subtitles to the video and post it on YouTube so that it has even more audience, but I don’t know who I should ask the permission.

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