3 Tips for Choosing a School by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

3 Tips for Choosing a School by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

This is the time of year that many JewishMOMs are choosing schools for their children. Here’s three tips from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller about how to choose a school that appear in her new book (which I just finished and LOVED) The Balancing Act.

When choosing a school for your child, Rebbetzin Heller recommends checking out the following:

1. The teachers and the school’s atmosphere: [When seeking out the best school for your child] the essential keys are the personal example of the teachers and the good feeling that is imparted about learning. Study material can be supplemented by the parents, but it is important for your children to be in an environment where learning is a delight. This will give them to desire to continue with intense learning later on.

2. Does this school match your lifestyle? As much as possible, it is best if the school and your home are on the same page. Even if the school is academically superior, if the other students come from homes which are more fun or family-oriented and where it’s strange for the father not to be home all evening, it will devalue Torah for your child. Conversely, if your husband will be the only father who doesn’t learn full time, it will devalue your husband in your child’s eyes.

3. Who are the students: What is the attitude of the students? What do they do when they have free time? What are their life goals? Whom do they admire and aspire to be?

Happy choosing and bhatslacha, JewishMOM!

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  1. All great tips. My personal observation is also to pay close attention to the welcome you get at the front desk/office when you come for an interview, from both secretaries and teachers who walk in: and pay close attention to the behavior of children who come in, and to how they are related to by workers and staff.
    The school we changed our boys to (after rebbitzen Hellers 3 points were not met at the former) had an amazing atmosphere in the office hub. We were not disappointed.

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