The $100 “My Life’s a Megilla” Contest

The $100 “My Life’s a Megilla” Contest

Did you ever feel like a disaster had occurred, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Did you ever think that something terrible had happened to you and you felt completely alone in the universe until you saw Hashem’s kindness hidden within what had happened– Megilla style?

An example from my own life. During my sophomore year in college I was rejected by a certain study-abroad program that I had really, really wanted to participate in. I was extremely upset… But in the end, because I was rejected by that program I decided to come to Israel instead! Here, I became religious and fell in love with the Jewish homeland. Looking back I realize that those hard months when I felt so alone and abandoned and dejected was the exact time that Hashem was actually carrying me, step by step, with the greatest love and concern and kindness.

Please send me your stories of challenging experiences that turned out to be blessings in disguise by March 5th. I will be featuring the semifinalists during the week before Purim, and after Purim you will have a chance to vote for the $100 grand prize winner:)


  1. awesome idea!

  2. Technical questions:
    1. Am I eligible if I’m in Israel?
    2. Can I submit something on condition that it is only published anonymously? I have a good story (hopefully with a better ending, but we’ll see) BUT family doesn’t know and I’d like them not to know.

    • 1. Any JewishMOM anywhere can submit (the prize can be paid out in shekels for israelis)
      2. Anonymous is 100% fine

      looking forward to seeing everyone’s stories:)

  3. One of my stories has already been published. There are more, but none as miraculous and dramatic as that. If needed, I will tell another saga. Thank you!
    Have a sweet, healing Shabbat!

  4. I know it’s late. But because of the nature of the story, and because I’m not sure it’s even politically correct – or that anyone will like it – I keep not writing it.

    Still want it?

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