The Most Inspiring JewishMOM I Know (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Most Inspiring JewishMOM I Know (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The mom I would nominate for this year’s Chanukah Contest.

Who is the most inspiring JewishMOM I know?
Since this is the question I’m asking you to answer for this year’s Chanukah Contest, I’ve been wondering what I would answer…
And I realize that I know so many inspiring mothers, I cannot possibly choose just one.
And it’s been surprising for me to see that the mothers that inspire me the most aren’t the mothers who, seemingly, enjoy effortlessly perfect families and lives.
Rather the moms that I find the most inspiring, the mothers who are my personal candle in the darkness, are the ones whose lives and/or families are, actually, extremely complicated.
The mothers who, day after day, struggle. And then wake up the next day, and struggle some more.
My friend with a mentally ill husband who needs to invest nearly all her energy in keeping her large family afloat–emotionally, physically, financially
My friend who is coping with severe post-partum anxiety, but almost every day manages to get up out of bed and take care of her family.
My friend who yearns with all her heart to give birth to a sibling for her now 14-year-old son. But still manages to love her life anyway.
My friend who suffers from Crohns disease and another who suffers from chronic depression–which have eluded all attempts at treatment. But still manage, even on their hardest days, to smile, at least occasionally, at their children and their husband..
My friend whose husband, an IDF platoon commander, is away from home for weeks at a time. But continues to believe in the importance of her and her husband’s sacrifice, while raising her 7 children almost entirely as a single mother.
My friend who actually is a single mother, and maintains a stable, spiritual, and loving home for her 2 children, ages 8 and 9.
And all the mothers struggling, each and every one of us, with our own personal package of challenges and troubles.
I once saw a t-shirt that made me smile. It read “Today has been cancelled, go back to bed.”
And my heroes are those moms who wish that that Tshirt was an actual newspaper headline.
But they get out of bed anyway, and take care of their families and their homes and, when possible, even themselves.
So next time you have a tough day, or a tough year, or a tough decade–know that I salute you. And that, on occasion, I’m one of you. You, and your sisters in arms, OUR sisters in arms, are my heroes.


  1. You are our inspiring Jewish Mom hero!

  2. Tiferes carroll

    That was really beautiful!!!

    I feel the same way!!!

    Those mothers that go on and continue to keep going, no matter what.

    Those mothers that give and give and don’t give up!!

    They too are my heroes!!!

    Thank you!!!

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