Michal Gross says “Thank You, JewishMOMs!”

Michal Gross says “Thank You, JewishMOMs!”

I will tell you the truth. When I sent off the 81 letters of condolence and encouragement you JewishMOMs wrote for the Gross family, I doubted that Michal Gross or her husband Shimmy would even see them.

For one thing, I was sure the Grosses were swamped with letters, why would they even notice the ones we’d sent? Also, I’ve gathered condolence letters at least twice before on JewishMOM.com–and I never received any sort of response or indication that the letters had been read or even received.

So when I gathered together and edited the letters and paid a professional translator and had three copies made (for the Grosses as well as their parents) and reminded my daughter, Hallel, to illustrate the booklets, and organized for Tsofia’s music teacher to deliver the booklet to her friend who was a friend, supposedly, of Michal Gross’, I doubted Mrs. Gross would ever even see them. I thought this complicated project was a well-intentioned idea to give chizuk to this couple at such a supremely challenging time, but being realistic, chances were my booklets would just end up in the garbage dump, unread.

So I was completely shocked when I received the following letter yesterday from Ami journalist Shiffy Friedman.

Hi Chana Jenny,

How are you?

Just wanted to let you know that your compilation of condolence letters to the Grosses were deeply appreciated.

I recently spent several hours in their home for the purpose of a chizuk article and Michal showed me the booklet you sent.

“It meant so much to me,” Michal said, “to see that all these women from around the world were thinking of me and having me in mind in their prayers.”

She told me your booklet kept her company in the hospital!

When I told her I know you, she asked that I tell you how much she appreciated it.

So here’s a thanks to you!

Tizku l’mitzvot, and have a wonderful chag, Shiffy

This email arrived along with a photo of Michal Gross alongside the booklet of letters you JewishMOMs wrote for her, and with the biggest, most gorgeous smile on her face. It was the kind of beaming smile that I would have only dreamed to see on her face just a few months ago.

The booklet of letters in the Gross home (the cover reads "Mothers from Around the World are Praying for the Gross Family."

The booklet of letters in the Gross home (the cover reads “Mothers from Around the World are Praying for the Gross Family.”)

When I saw that photo, I just put my face into my hands and wept in disbelief.

What a lesson for me and all of us.

When we make a small effort to help at times of crisis, it’s easy to think: why even try? What difference will my little, insignificant good deed make in a world filled with so much struggle and darkness.

But sometimes, just sometimes, your little good deed makes a world of difference to another human being. And that makes all the times you’ve tried to help, successfully and also NOT so successfully, completely worth it.

So here’s a thanks to you, JewishMOM, for your wonderful letters and for your heartfelt prayers for the Gross family. Thank you for taking that small but important step that ended up making a big difference.


  1. Thank you for the feedback. Please tell your daughter that her cover is amazing.

  2. It really is beautiful artwork! You are amazing, Jenny. Look how you reached out to me in crisis! What a huge difference that made, too! You are creating an online community of Jewish moms caring for one another through davening, reaching out, supporting each other…it’s really amazing. Kol hakavod. Hashem should bless you with everything, revealed good for you and your family. It’s a zechus for you and them.

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