Balabusta Regrets

Balabusta Regrets

As a grown woman, Yale Law-graduate Sonia Taitz pays tribute to her balabusta mother whom she used to disdain: In her memoir “The Watchmaker’s Daughter” Taitz writes:

“I never learned to make that cake, chopped liver, flanken, or matzoh balls. All I can do is order in, and I blame feminism for that, for my contempt for her thankless domestic sacrifices. I am thanking her now as my children and I begin to try her old recipes.

“They praise Mother Theresa for devoting her life to others, so why not Gita Taitz? The soup for housebound Mrs. Schroodel, the packages of warm clothes for relatives stuck in Siberia, the fish sandwiches in onion rolls for my father, and the spaghetti and ketchup for my brother and me . . .”

Saw this quotation at A Mother in Israel

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