Hashem, Where are You?

Hashem, Where are You?

“OK, two thank you Hashems” I prompted my daughter yesterday as she ate her scrambled eggs coated with white cheese.

This is a longstanding Weisberg tradition: kids come home from school and share two good things that happened to them that day.

“I don’t have anything to say today,” my daughter declared.

“What? There must have been something good that happened today!” I protested

“What do you want me to say, Eema? Thank you Hashem that three boys were kidnapped?!”
This morning, like every weekday morning, I listened to my Chaya Hinda Allen Positive Thinking CD.

“As you breathe out, release with this breath all tension and pain…”


“Continue to breathe deeply, and feel that Hashem gives you this breath with great love and compassion…”

This feels great.

“Breathe again and feel that this breath is absorbed throughout your body, spreading life and giving love to each and every cell.”

Chaya Hinda you are THE BEST.

“Hashem protects me, my family, my home, and all that is mine.”

I bet the poor mothers of those three hostages also believed that a few days ago…

I just read an article that shook me up.

It was an article in Binah by a young mother (whose name I’m sorry I have forgotten) whose dentist discovered a suspicious growth in her mouth.

“It might be nothing, but it might not be nothing,” the dentist warned, and sent her to perform a biopsy.

The biopsy came back suspicious.

The young mother was concerned. Terrified, in fact.

What if. What if she became so ill that she could not care for her children?

And what if she died, and her children became orphans?

And what if her husband remarried? How could another woman possibly love her young children and care for them as she did?”

It was the end of the article that shook me up.

At the end she wrote: But then I realized, if I became very ill, I would be in Hashem’s hands.

And if I died, I would be in Hashem’s hands.

And if my children became orphans, they would, also, be in Hashem’s hands.

I have nothing to fear.
And reading that article I imagined those boys.

I imagined Hashem holding them with love through every moment of this nightmare. And their parents. And their siblings.

I imagined Him carrying them, step by step, through this Hell on earth– to the other side. Until they are safe and sound, back home, IY”H.


  1. You are exactly right ~ Hashem is with them in this and with us – for it is written, “lo yar’p’kha v’lo yaz’bekha.

  2. Rachel F.

    The thoughts that you expressed in this writing I can relate to tremendously. To truly internalize the message would bring us to a very high level of emunah. May it be Hashem’s will that we get there without having to go through something so hard.

  3. I got chills reading this post–thank you. Hashem loves us and our children so much more than we can imagine.

  4. I really appreciate the honesty of this post. One thing I’ve learned is not to philosophize or try to comfort with emuna when it comes to the pain of others. They need to feel it for themselves, preaching won’t help.
    It is always a comfort to me to read of the tremendous Emuna of those who go through terrible nisyonot. Many seem to say a similar thing: they never thought they’d have the strength to cope with such a tribulation but felt clearly Hashems guidance and support…..

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