Announcing the JewishMOM $100 Gratitude Contest

Announcing the JewishMOM $100 Gratitude Contest

Just watched this amazing video below about a mother who was feeling really blah about her life and decided to start taking photos of all the things she’s grateful for in her life: her family members, the pretty plants growing in her yard, the cool umbrellas that come out when it rains. And this gratitude project really changed her life and made her feel so much happier…

So now it’s your turn, JewishMOM…

Please send me SEVEN photos with short captions of things you are grateful for in your life (PLEASE NOTE: MAXIMUM ONE PHOTO OF HUSBAND AND ONE PHOTO OF CHILD/REN:)). I’ll be accepting submissions at until January 10th. The winner will win $100! If you’d like, your photos can be posted anonymously.


  1. can i take seven pictures of my husband?

    • that’s a sweet idea. Though I’ve decided in the end to only allow one photo husband maximum.

      Here’s why– I don’t want one woman’s gratitude for her awesome husband to come at the expense of another woman’s gratitude for her own husband who isn’t wonderful in the same ways.

      For example, I think this video goes overboard in the whole gratitude for husband thing. What percentage of women watching this felt a bit of a twinge since her husband doesn’t wake her up with a footrub etc?

      I don’t want any jealous twinges like that happening on account of this contest.

      • i can’t see the movie because of my censor, so i didn’t even know.

      • know what you mean, I too felt, hey how come my husband doesn’t do this or do that likeh er husband does on the video….your right – best to keep what we are grateful for pareve..I can also see the same thing happening with one’s kids as know the competitive trip….Years ago, Miriam Adahan while doing Emet groups, always encouraged us to keep a gratefulness notebook and write something in it every day …hey I found a parking space in a crowded part of city within 5 minutes…or I just saw a robust yellow dandelion in full bloom shooting up from the cracks in the barren concrete; you get the idea…thanks for posting

  2. I love the idea but I am wayyyy to scared of ayin Hara for something like this!

    • you can send pictures of anything, only the captions need to be true. Like a picture of the Berenstein Bears, and the caption below can describe your family. That way you can keep anonymity.

  3. The idea of expressing gratitude should be a basic in our daily jewish life but exposing the reasons of our gratitude leads to jealousy and self depreciation and of course to ayin ara! As you pût it this film is very goyish since it shows intimate part of the author s life!

    • I hear what you’re saying. I agree that it’s important that JewishMOMs choose their photos with sensitivity, so that they don’t post something that could make other moms feel bad. I’m also limiting moms to one photo of a husband and one photo of child/ren to cut down on the bragging/jealously factor.

      Also, regarding ayin hara (for JewishMOMs who believe in that) submissions can be posted anonymously. If you’ll be submitting anonymously, instead of submitting a photo of your husband, you could take a photo of your ketuba for example, and write a caption about your marriage. Or a photo of a crib instead of your actual baby.

      I know we’re walking a thin line here between one woman expressing gratitude and making another woman feel jealous. But I think this is an important exercise for us– to open up our eyes to all we can feel grateful for in our challenging lives.

  4. I hope you will be sharing the photos. So looking forward to seeing the entries.

  5. I think the winner will be one who will be able to capture things that are universally available and meaningful without being a show-offish gallery of “Look what I have.”

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