Show the Boys’ Families How Much You Care

Show the Boys’ Families How Much You Care

I am sure that all of you JewishMOMs are thinking about the boys and davening that they should return home very soon, safe and sound.

Now’s your chance to reach out to these suffering families so they can SEE with their own eyes how much we JewishMOMs from all over the world care about them and their sons…

Please send me a photo of you with your children holding a sign that says “Bring Back our Boys” WITH THE NAME OF YOUR CITY AND COUNTRY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SIGN.

For example, the sign you hold should look like this:



Afterwards I will print up the photos of you JewishMOMs with your children and I will make an album for each boy’s family with a cover that reads “With love from Jewish Mothers and Children from all over the world.” I will also post the photos online.

Please send your photos to or post on my facebook page

I hope the boys will really enjoy looking over the albums with their families, please G-d!

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  1. What a brilliant idea

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