A Bathroom Thank You

A Bathroom Thank You

This week I was picking up my daughters at the airport, and noticed this screen by the door leading out of the bathroom.
bathroom rating

I clicked a big enthusiastic green smiley face, and was thankful for the opportunity to say “thank you!” for the clean and properly maintained bathrooms at the Ben Gurion airport.

And I thought of how great it would be to have these screens all over our lives.

“The water I am drinking is clean and refreshing” Green smiley face!
“The sky I am walking beneath is blue and gorgeous” Green smiley face!
“The children at my side are healthy and growing” Green smiley face!

My dear friend Sara Debbie Gutfreund wrote this week for Aish.com:

“Rav Noah Weinberg ztz”l used to ask a simple yet fascinating question: If you put an envelope full of a million dollars in a homeless person’s cart, but he doesn’t realize that it’s there: Is he rich or poor? If you have thousands of gifts in your life that you are too distracted or depressed to see, do you really have those gifts at all? Technically, the homeless person with the million dollar envelope is rich. And you do still have thousands of gifts in your life even if you don’t notice them. But if you don’t look inside the envelope, you can’t use what you have.”

Gratitude. Green Smiley face!


  1. Wow, what a great metaphor!!!

  2. The ultimate “bathroom thank you” is Asher yatzar

  3. I love this message!!

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