The Woman Who Lives on the Train

The Woman Who Lives on the Train

Last spring, 23-year-old German student Leonie Muller had a disagreement with her landlord and decided to move out…to the train.

Leonie told the Washington Post that she realized she could save $70 a month if she lived on the train instead of in an apartment. So she bought a ticket which enables her unlimited train travel around Germany. She washes her hair in the bathroom. She prepares her papers and studies for tests racing up and down Germany.

Leonie told the Washington Post, “I decided I didn’t want to live in my apartment anymore, and then I realized– I don’t actually want to live anywhere anymore. I feel at home on the trains. And I can visit so many friends and so many cities. It’s like being on a vacation all the time!”
train living
Summer vacation is feeling veeery long to me right now. My house is crowded and messy and, like Leonie, I would REALLY enjoy a vacation right about now.

But the truth is, I would enjoy a vacation for a day or a two or maybe a week.

But then, yanno what?

I would miss my crowded and messy home and everyone in it.

And out of all the resorts, hotels, and trains in the world, this crowded, messy place is the place I’d most want to be.

Believe you me.


  1. I’m fine with it if she’s fine with it
    but her choice to be constantly traveling and constantly in public view is bizarre and unnatural
    I wonder how long she can do it without needing a place to call home.

  2. Okaaay. Kind of weird. Does she shower? What did she do with her stuff? I guess if you don’t get carsick, and can sleep on seats, it could work – if you’re single and adventurous.
    I wouldn’t be able to do it. I need my own bed, my own kitchen, and some privacy.

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