B”H, 9 Years in Prison for Nachlaot Pedophile “Rabbi” Zalman Cohen

B”H, 9 Years in Prison for Nachlaot Pedophile “Rabbi” Zalman Cohen

We had to wait 3 years, but we finally got it…A 9-year prison sentence for Nachlaot pedophile “Rabbi” Zalman Cohen! (This is the second sentencing in the Nachlaot case–Nachlaot pedophile Binyomin Satz is serving a 15 year sentence.)

This good news came on the tail of some horrifically awful news regarding sexual offenders in the State of Israel today.
YNet journalist Omri Efraim wrote earlier this week:

“Only 1/8 of reported sexual offenses lead to indictments

“Large percentage of complaints never lead to indictments, mainly because of lack of evidence. Last year saw a 12% increase in calls to crisis centers, which are demanding that the government take action.

“Only one in eight sex crime cases made it to court in 2013, according to a report from the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel which will be presented to the Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality on Monday.

“According to the report, which is based on data from the state prosecution, 5,238 sex crime cases were handled by the prosecution last year. Out of that, only in 594 cases indictments were filed. In most cases, 71.4 percent, the cases were closed due to the lack of evidence.”

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These terrifying stats are even worse than they seem, because:

1. Not all indictments lead to prison time. We found that out the hard way in Nachlaot, when a hard-earned indictment evaporated into thin air because of “lack of evidence” resulting in the release of a neighborhood pedophile a few months ago.

2. Keep in mind that these statistics are generally referring to cases when an adult was sexually assaulted. And still, in the vast majority of cases, the courts don’t consider that testimony of an ADULT sufficient evidence to indict. Now, think of the way a judge perceives the relative reliability of a 5-year-old’s testimony…That means the rate of indictment in cases involving children is even lower than 1 out of 8! Again, something we have learned the hard way in Nachlaot. We have seen here how the vast majority of predators involved in the huge Nachlaot case are still walking around completely free—without even the trace of a criminal record warning schools etc. that these are dangerous people who should not be working around children.

Why am I sharing all this depressing news?

I just want to remind us all that the Zalman Cohens— sexual offenders who are placed behind bars– are few and far between.

That means we can’t rely on the police or the courts to protect our children from sexual predators.

The only way to keep our kids truly safe is through careful parenting and education.

Click here to learn the 4 Rules to keep our kids safe from sexual predators


  1. 9 years? Needs 99 if not death! I volunteer to be the executioner since the courts/police are too wimpy. I’ll shoot him between the eyes without blinking. Mornings, please, since I’m a single mom and have to be home for the kids. I’ll get my travel coffee mug ready.

  2. Chana Jenny, I don’t read as much of you as I used to, because lately G-Mail just sends your stuff into some folder or other and I don’t usually see it. I’m so glad I found you again.

    Thank you for putting “Rabbi” into quotes. that’s all i wanted to say

    yes – and also – that I find Lauren’s comment in very poor taste. believe me i hate molesters. have been down that road with people very close to me. but this “i’ll shoot him between the eyes” — bothers me. am i the only one?

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