Modeh Ani by Omer Adam (3-Minute Music Video)

Modeh Ani by Omer Adam (3-Minute Music Video)

This song makes me cry every time I hear it…We have so much to be grateful for– the enjoyable, pleasurable, happy things in our lives, and the experiences that don’t necessarily feel so good as well. (English below)

Modeh Ani by Omer Adam

I thank You every morning
That You returned my soul to me
I thank you for the clothing
That You placed on my body
So that I won’t be cold. You watch over me.

I thank you every morning
For the light, and for my very existence
I thank You for the bread
That You placed on my table
So that I won’t know hunger. So that I won’t know pain.

For my countless smiles, I thank You
For all my talents, and for all my songs
And for my songs, I dedicate them all to You
Know, know, that I thank You

I will scream out to You, mighty is Your name.
My life is Yours, my heart is Yours, my thanks is Yours
I will call out to You, Hashem. I will call out to You Hashem.

I thank You every morning
For my strength and my father and my mother
I thank You for the rain that you placed in my fields.
You take care of my loved ones. You gave me my life.

For the day of rest, I thank You
For abundance and blessing and family
All of me exists only because of You
Know, know, that I thank You

For all of my failures, I thank You
For my disappointments, my fears, my stumbling blocks
They are all for my benefit
There is nothing in my heart besides thanks for You.

words by Avi Ochayon
music by Asaf Tsruya


  1. oh, wow! chills!!!

    thanks for sharing this, chana jenny!

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so beautiful, words, music, singer, so beautiful.
    We are Yhudim, our name comes from the Hebrew infinitiv “L’hodot,” to thank.
    In parshat Vayetze, when Leah is blessed with her fourth son, Yehuda,she thanks G-d with all of her being, saying, “Ha-pa-am odeh,”(this time I will thank. In naming her first three sons Leah alluded to her longing for her husband’s love.)
    I heard a D’var Torah that Yaakov was destined to have 12 sons. With 4 wives, an equal division would have meant that each wife would give birth to 3 sons. Leah was always vying for her husband’s love. When she saw that Hashem had granted her more than her share, she was overwhelmed with thankfulness and named him “Yehuda.”

    In a sense just the word “Yehudim” means “people who thank.” May we all live in the mode of thankfulness, as good, proud Jews. Thank you for this joyous song.


    • Vicki Fairman

      I just heard this for the first time tonight. So beautiful. I love your comments, which are also, beautiful.

  4. Michal, thank you for your comment!!!

  5. I love this song and have been listening to it over and over.
    I looked up the singer and seem to find some very not frum other links from him. Anyone know if he’s got other lovely songs like this one?

  6. I love this song so much! Thank you so much CJ! It’s just replaying in my head again and again. Please continue to post inspiring songs!

  7. Pierre VERGNES

    N’oublions jamais, désormais, que cette chanson était la chanson qu’aimait le plus Yoan Hattab, assassiné à Paris le 9 Janvier 2015, dans l’attentat terroriste de la Porte de Vincennes.
    Il adorait cette chanson, qui exprimait ce qu’il avait au plus profond de lui.
    Ecoutons la désormais religieusement, avec un immense respect et une profonde émotion , en pensant à Yoav , et pour faire vivre sa mémoire .
    Cette chanson est désormais sa voix .
    Qu’il repose en paix .

    • This is incredibly inspirational. I can do a translation and transliteration video if you’d like.

      Pierre, thank you for what you shared. I used to live near the Porte de Vincennes. Our hearts go to all of you there in Paris. Prayers continue to be with you and the families for safety.

  8. Thank you so much for posting the lyrics… I just found this song and think its beautiful. Im just learning Hebrew and this helps me very much…. but even without knowing all the words, it made me cry…. its so powerful.

  9. This is so bizarre. My son Naphtali just put on this song,I logged on and saw there was a comment from Dee. This was the background song for the slideshow at my daughter Meira’s bat mitzva celebration. Gorgeous!

  10. Leslee Simcha

    The chanting that is done before the final verse… I have all the lyrics in Hebrew, transliteration, and English, but I have not been able to properly discern the (Sephardic?) chant. It doesn’t correlate in my daily prayer book. Can you give it in transliteration and English?

    Also, have you seen the Tzemed Yeled cover in the Tel Aviv Synagogue? It’s stunning! Search them on YouTube and you’ll find it!

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