How Do I Find Time to Read with 7 Kids at Home (5-Minute Upside-Down Parenting Video)

How Do I Find Time to Read with 7 Kids at Home (5-Minute Upside-Down Parenting Video)

Here’s another awesome video from my neighbor and old friend Noga Hullman (she’s such an old friend that I knew her when she didn’t have any kids!) about how we can fit fun into our JewishMOM lives–and why we must!


  1. Can you post a link to sign up for her videos? It was a pleasure to listen to her! Thank you for sharing.

  2. once, when my oldest daughter was about 4, she walked into the living room and found me sunk into pile of books, basically unresponsive to the world. she put her hands up and cried out, “no, Mommy, no! don’t read!!!’
    because she knew at the tender age of 4 that her mommy could enter the Book Zone and life as she knew it would become suspended….. i gave up most of my reading for most of the following 20 years. now that my youngest is 4, i am indulging in much more reading–and even volunteering at the local Jewish Book Library…. this child, unlike the first, doesn’t mind if Mommy enters the Book Zone. she knows that such times are perfect for her to indulge in her own interesting life experiments like redecorating the walls and making snacks for herself….

  3. Reading is definitely my thing. I have a new baby and am finding time for my favorite hobby whenever I can.

  4. Thank you Jenny for posting the link! I also enjoyed reading the comments that followed, so thanks to the Commenting Jewish Mothers, too.:)!

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