Rav Arush Responds to Granddaughter’s Death: “Strengthen Ahavat Yisrael”

Rav Arush Responds to Granddaughter’s Death: “Strengthen Ahavat Yisrael”

Here is an excerpted translation from Rav Arush’s response to his family tragedy. (Watch the original Hebrew video here http://www.hidabroot.org/he/article/99459)

“Souls come to this world with a certain purpose. There are certain souls that come to this world with a short mission. We don’t know why. We don’t know why, as was written in the book Garden of Emuna.

“There are many examples of great tsaddikim who lost young children: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Rebbe Meir Baal HaNeis, Rebbe Yochanan. Many. And they accepted this with great love.

“We don’t understand the calculations of the Master of the Universe. It’s certain that this soul went at its time… This wasn’t random. We don’t believe in randomness. This is what Hashem wanted. There was a certain time, and she went, as an atonement for the Jewish people.

“The Jewish people are responsible for one another. And people have questions…”What did this baby do?!”

“You have a question? I have a thousand questions. Why don’t we love one another? Why don’t we respect one another? Why do we hurt one another? Every mother and father wants first and foremost for their children to live in peace and love with one another.

“We are one people. Children of the same Father. I don’t want to discuss politics here. But it’s clear…You have a question, there are thousands of questions. And the Master of the Universe asks those questions. You don’t want to receive slaps? Then behave nicely.

“Of course we cried, and were very sorry, and our daughter was with us…. But we hope that the Master of the Universe, with great love…With no questions.

“As I said, the main thing is to strengthen ahavat Yisrael, love of our fellow Jews. You say “I love Israel!” but how do you show that you love Israel, the Jewish people? Sit and talk with them, put love in them, bring their hearts closer to Judaism, strengthen their faith.
Faith is something that unites the whole world…

“Respect each other, love each other. Please.”

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