The Song I Listened to 8 Times Straight

The Song I Listened to 8 Times Straight

One of the most popular new musicians among religious Israeli youth today is Binny Landau. I LOVE all of his music, but this song is my favorite. In fact, this past Saturday night while I was washing dishes and scrubbing burnt cholent off the bottom of a pot, I listened to this song 8 times straight. My favorite lines are:

“Walk with the clear knowledge that [your enemies] cannot touch you
And that it is only from the suffering caused by your own fear that they suck
all of their power against you.”

We’ve all heard it before. I know, I know. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. But hearing Binny Landau sing it makes me realize just how true that is. How our fear almost always causes us infinitely more suffering than the objects of our fear.

And a bit of interesting JewishMOM trivia… Binny Landau is the son of American-born midwife Sorra Landau, whose interview appeared in my book Expecting Miracles.


Palace of the King by Binyamin Landau

Don’t be afraid to walk towards the sweet horizon
despite all of the shadows lurking along the way.
Walk with the clear knowledge that they cannot touch you
And that it is only from the suffering caused by your own fear that they suck
all of their power against you

Promise me
That when the enemies come near
to eat your flesh
You won’t stop for a moment.
And without even having to look back for a moment
you’ll know…
They have failed and fallen.

And if an enemy has set up a camp against you
Your heart should not feel any fear.
And even if a war is waged against you
This should be your faith…

The entire world is the palace of a King
And everybody knows that inside the palace
Only the will of the King is performed

Flee to Him
Hide yourself in the secrecy of His tent
Watch the pleasantness of His face
and visit His tabernacle.

ארמונו של מלך

אל תפחד ללכת אל האופק המתוק
על אף כל הצללים האורבים בדרך
לך בידיעה ברורה שאין להם כלל נגיעה בך
ורק מצער פחדיך הם שואבים
את כל כוחם נגדך
תבטיח לי
שבקרוב עליך מרעים
לאכול את בשרך
לא תעצור לרגע
ומבלי שתצטרך להביט אחורה
המה כשלו ונפלו
ואם תחנה עליך מחנה
רק שלא ירא לבך
ואפילו אם תקום עליך מלחמה
זאת תהיה האמונה שלך
כל העולם כולו
ארמונו של מלך
וכל אחד יודע שבתוך ארמון
רק רצון המלך נעשה
ברח לך אליו
יסתירך בסתר אהלו
תחזה בנעם פניו
ותבקר בהיכלו


  1. Sorra Landau

    I am glad that you enjoyed and translated Bini’s song so that others can enjoy it also. Bini plays, sings and composes all of his music and the lyrics are either by him or from tehillim. He truly sings straight from his neshama boruch HaShem. May all Jewish moms everywhere have much nachat from all of our children.

  2. The song is beautiful. Yishar koach to Binny’s mother!:)

  3. very beautiful song. thanx for posting!

  4. Bubby Bracha Mandelbaum

    eight times, is not enough!

    Thank you for translation.

    This is our gold and diamonds, our treasured
    young souls! Proving that Moshiach is Here!
    Just open your eyes and see!
    A Jewish Great Grandma (most in Israel)

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