5000 Likes for JewishMOMs!

5000 Likes for JewishMOMs!

4 years ago, my friends Yikrat Friedman and Chana and Dave Mason told me there is this new amazing site called Facebook and I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO start reaching out to JewishMOMs there.

I knew nothing about Facebook, and I was up to my eyeballs in kids and blogging. But a few months later I finally followed their wise advice. And, by golly, am I happy I did!

When I started my Facebook page, my dream was to reach 5000 likes, and four years later we reached that milestone today, b”H.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you– who follow JewishMOM.com here or on Facebook– for being my travel companions on this JewishMOM journey.

(In honor of achieving this dream of mine, I’m hoping to make a few upgrades to JewishMOM.com– and here’s the first one…a cool video intro for my weekly mommy peptalks:))


  1. Mazel tov 😉

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