Belzer Rebbetzin says Blessing over Challah (1-Minute Awe-Inspiring Video)

Belzer Rebbetzin says Blessing over Challah (1-Minute Awe-Inspiring Video)

The Belzer Rebbetzin blows me away. If I could achieve even 1/1000 of her level of kavana when reciting blessings…What an inspiration!


  1. Not just going through the motions . . but, with all of the heart. Beautiful.

  2. oy. as if she feels all our galus pain. Hashem, we want Mashiach now.

  3. Beautiful.
    Off topic- but curious about her Tichel- any significance?

    • JewishMom

      great question. She always wears special hats like that. Anybody know why?

  4. I found a comment on the imamother website – written by Shaklee Mom on Feb.9, 2009. And I quote: “The belzer rebbitzin wears a unique tichel custom made by a professional. She wears it as a regal thing, like a crown. The belzer women wear sheitels and cover with a modest hat. If you know the rebbitzin personally, you know that she is something of a different world. Her sincerity is what gives her the kedusha that you can see around her. Many have miracles to re-tell. She is an inspiration to many people outside of Belz and wherever she is, she stops traffic.”

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