Bring us Home by Atara Pear (3-Minute Inspirational Song)

Bring us Home by Atara Pear (3-Minute Inspirational Song)

I started becoming religious when I was a Junior at Bowdoin College in Maine, and spending a semester abroad in Israel. 99% of people I met during that semester greeted the name “Bowdoin” with 0 recognition. But one Shabbos I met somebody who had once studied with a guy who had also graduated from Bowdoin and become religious.

That person was Dov Pear, whom I later met with his lovely wife, Karen, in our mutual hometown Baltimore. Over the years, the Pears have graciously hosted me and my kids for many Shabbat meals during our summer trips to visit my parents. They are, hands down, one of the sweetest families I have ever met.

When the Pear’s daughter, Atara, sent me a song she had written and recorded about the kidnapping of Gilad, Eyal, and Naftali, I was blown away. I listened to it over and over and found tears in my eyes each time, as I was reminded of the brokenness of this world, and a time, IY”H, when all of our tears will be wiped away. Here is the song, with lyrics and an explanation from Atara below…


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Bring us Home by Atara Pear
Tell me has it been too long
Tell me have we gone too far
Tell me have the tears we’ve shed but disappeared

Tell me can You hear our pain
Calling out from every whispered prayer
Tell me please, when will You heal the brokenness we bear

Only You know the truth that lies deep in our hearts
Only You know the depth of our yearning
So bring us home with Your love
Let Your light fill the world once again
Bring us home to you once again

Somewhere in the heavens I was told
There’s an ocean filled with all our tears
It churns with every soul in exile’s sorrow, pain, and fear

So tell me how much longer must we cry
Tell me will that ocean ever dry
When will only waves of blessing crash upon our shores


So tell me how long will it be
‘Til every broken heart is pure and whole
When will come the day
When songs of joy will fill our souls
Once again

Atara's mother and brother this past summer.

Atara’s mother and brother this past summer.

Atara explains:
When our boys went missing, the chayilim in the IDF spent 18 days combing the land searching for them. Throughout those days, we all experienced a vital shift in ourselves as we united with the entire Jewish people in praying, hoping, and crying to Hashem to bring our boys home. And at the end of 18 days, we were united still as we mourned for our brothers and cried for them, for their families, for our nation.

We all know, though, that it was not only the chayalim who were searching. We all were. When our boys went missing, we all began to search inside of ourselves, to examine and introspect the deepest part of our hearts. And when we did so, we awakened within us our deep longing for truth, goodness, and connection that had been suppressed under the daily grind of galus (exile). I, like you, was left with a profound flood of emotions roiling within me, and as music can express the heart more purely than words alone, I wrote a song BS”D.

“Bring Us Home” is a tefillah (prayer) of sorts, beseeching Hashem to end our suffering in the galus and to bring us home to Him, to return us to the essence of who we are as His nation and as individuals. It is my hope that this song will arouse within us the yearning and longing of our hearts at this critical time for our nation, so that we can sincerely cry out to Hashem that we are ready to come home to Him, we are ready for Mashiach to come and bring the Geula Sheleima (final Redemption), BeKarov, V’yameinu.


  1. Such a beautiful voice! She should sell CDs, her voice is just so sweet and pretty.

  2. Beautiful song and voice!

  3. Rachel Espinoza


  4. WoW! So powerful! How old is the singer/writer?

  5. The sentiments are true and resonate even more with each new tragedy. Roast lamb anyone? I’m in the mood for a real Korban Pesach in the rebuilt Bais Hamikdosh!

    • JewishMom

      I’ll bring the cranberry sauce…Looking forward to meeting all you JewishMOMs on Har Habayit!!!

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