My Heartfelt Rafah Prayer

My Heartfelt Rafah Prayer

This year I have been studying Rabbi Kosowsky’s book “DMC: Deep Meaningful Conversation-The Amida” which has revolutionized my Amidah, adding profound meaning and kavanah to every nook and cranny of my formerly rushed and blah Shemonah Esreh. At the beginning of the war, I read about the Amida prayer regarding enemies (ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה וכל הרשעה כרגע תאבד) and Rabbi Kosowki’s incredible explanation of it has shaped my daily prayer that Israel’s genocidal enemies, Iran and its cronies Hezbollah and Hamas, will be, as Rabbi Kosowski (quoting Rabbi Schwab) put it: Stage 1: Uprooted, Stage 2: Broken, Stage 3: Broken into smaller factions, and Stage 4: Ultimately humbled and rendered harmless. As our brave soldiers have fought Hamas in Gaza, I believe they have, with Hashem’s help, pushed through the first 3 stages. Please God, as our soldiers entire the lions den of Rafah to fully destroy Hamas and bring home our hostages, let’s pray that Hamas will reach Stage 4!” AMEN!
Here is the original excerpt from DMC:
“The world said ‘never again’ after the Holocaust. Unfortunately, we live in a world where anti-Semitism is continually present.
In the Amida prayer we are acknowledging that we have enemies who display their hatred openly and hate us for no apparent reason and want to physically destroy the Jewish People. Therefore, we ask God that any government, faction, or organization that wants to physically harm the Jewish People should be
“‘UPROOTED’ (תעקר) and grow no further,
“‘BROKEN’ (ותשבר) into various factions so they will be ineffective in their evil objective,
“and eventually ‘BE HUMBLED’ (ותכניע) and never have the capability, strength, and audacity to perpetuate an attack.”
“It is our prayer that the dignity of difference is respected, humanity protected, and that enemies of freedom are rendered powerless.”
In the merit of our holy soldiers and intense prayers, may all the beasts in Hamas’ lions den be rendered toothless. Amen!

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  1. AMEN! May we be able to teach gratitude to everyone in the world.

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