The Technion’s Passover Seder Machine (2-Minute Cool Video)

The Technion’s Passover Seder Machine (2-Minute Cool Video)

Wow, I really loved this, and sent it out to all my relatives…


  1. I keep coming to ur website to find anything on the Sassoon family for some chizuk but all I see is cleaning and pesach things I’m not sure how ur able to continue with ur regular pesach cleaning after a tragedy like that and not write anything….
    I know u mentioned it along with some other things but here in the states some of us can’t think of anything else than the Sassoons horrific story…..

    • JewishMom

      hi tsiona, I hear what you are saying…I wish I could find a way to provide more chizuk about the situation– I am just so horrified by what happened that I don’t know what to say.

  2. reading the first comment I immediately thought of how Chana reminded us that we go from -49th level of tum’ah to +49th level of kedusha on Leil HaSeder. A good way to keep from getting disempowered (as Rabbi Nivin says) is to remember that even when we are at our lowet spiritually or emotionally, the higher levels are still out there, and we will get there.

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