1st Art Exhibition of World’s Oldest Fanconi Anemia Survivor

1st Art Exhibition of World’s Oldest Fanconi Anemia Survivor

This is a photograph of my amazing neighbor and old friend, Ruthy Saunders.


At 34, Ruthy is the oldest person in the world with her type of Fanconi Anemia. Last night I attended Ruthy’s first art exhibition—sponsored by Beit HaGalgalim, a center for handicapped young adults which Ruthy attends. For the past few months, the women of Beit Hagalgalim have been discussing what womanhood and femininity mean to them– and the culmination of this project is this deeply moving exhibit hosted by Matan.

Below is Ruthy’s painting (based on the work of Georgia O’Keefe) and her poem:

ruthy painting

ruthy poem

Blessed are You for creating me as I am—period.
Special. Rare.
In my body. And in my soul.
But I don’t want to talk with you about the woman.
I prefer to talk about the girl:
Happy and laughing
She goes around
In Your house,
My G-d.

Way to go Ruthy! We are so proud of you! And look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings and poems!


  1. i am getting goosebumps. the painting, the poem and the beauty of her neshamah must have touched many hearts. it’s 11 am and i just said modeh ani but with feeling this time. thank you for your great post. kol ha kavod. ruthie, you should have gezunt and simcha.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. So touching! Ruti, you are an inspiration!

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