Hundreds of Strangers Attend Funeral of Childless Holocaust Survivor

Hundreds of Strangers Attend Funeral of Childless Holocaust Survivor

As the result of medical experiments performed on her at Auschwitz, 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Chaya Gretman was never able to bear any children of her own.

So when she passed away this week, through Facebook and other social media sites her devoted neighbors asked for people to join her funeral procession and recite Kaddish on her behalf.

chaya gretman final

Her neighbors were shocked when over 400 people traveled from throughout Israel to accompany Chaya Gretman to her final resting place in Holon.

Even the loneliest Jew is never truly alone.


  1. may her name be for a blessing.

    if you can find out if someone is saying kaddish for her for the year. please let me know as my husband would be able to recite the kaddish foe her 3x daily. rochel.

  2. We should spread the word, maybe girls will be named for her.

  3. Thank you Jenny! We are really part of an amazing people.

  4. Barbara Salsberlg

    Chaya, you are not alone, nor will you be forgotten by your people. Every Jewish soul is acknowledged by Hasham and he will remain with you forever.

  5. Barbara Salsberlg

    Chaya, you will never be alone. Hasham knows every Jewish soul and he will never leave you.

  6. that is so beautiful!

  7. On one hand I’m so touched, on the other this makes me sad. I would have loved to visit her while she was alive. I’m so sad she passed away lonely. It shouldn’t be that only after her passing does she discover how many siblings she truly had. Is there a way to find more Chaya Gretmans and show them how much we love them?

  8. Jodesh Tov!
    Being listening for two years
    Also gave you a hug two times in Yerushalayim
    Thanks for all the work you are doing for Hashem through this web
    Many blessings
    Once again
    Big hug

  9. “Even the loneliest Jew is never truly alone” is the best phrase I´ve heard in a long time! thank you!

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