Israeli Professor Calms Students’ Babies

Israeli Professor Calms Students’ Babies

When I had my oldest child 17 years ago, I was getting a masters at Hebrew University. Babies were not allowed in class, and my baby refused to take a bottle…It was a stressful experience, for me and my baby!
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So I loved this story about Hebrew University professor, Dr. Sydney Engelberg, who allows students to bring babies to class and calms them down as he lectures on Organizational Management.

“It happens a lot to me that I calm [students’] babies down; once every few weeks,” Dr. Engelberg told Walla News.
“My success rate is relatively high,” he said joyfully. “I can take pride in my success.”

Three JewishMOM cheers for Dr. Engelberg…a professor AND a mensch!


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You actually posted above pictures of two separate professors.

    I attained my BA here in Israel at Bar-Ilan over 2007-2011. Our first child was born October 2010 and I brought her with me as necessary. EVERYBODY was bringing babies, very few professors disallowed it. It’s a good thing, too, because there was no way in the world we could afford daycare; in the end I may not have been able to finish all my coursework if not for being able to bring baby with. When she started to get fussy I would just nurse her, same as all the other young mothers there. 🙂

  3. these babies will grow to love science – like גרסא דינקותא (=

  4. raq béisrael!!

    • Arnie Gerstein

      Are you absolutely certain…”only in Israel.” When I taught in Michigan, this phenomenon was not uncommon. More importantly is how possible this is and and can be once the doors of compassion open just a bit.

  5. Julie Weisman

    Hahaha, yes, Sydney definitely held my baby a few times when I did my masters at Hebrew U six years ago.

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