Want to Eliminate 90% of Worry? Here’s How…

Want to Eliminate 90% of Worry? Here’s How…

This week I attended the annual Binyan Shalem conference which is sort of like JewishMOM.com if it was a bursting-at-the-seams three-day conference instead of a website. I’m hoping to share some of the gems I heard in classes there over the coming week…

The first thing I wanted to tell you about is what I learned in the class given by Rabbi Eran Tamir (the husband of Moriah’s wonderful 1st grade teacher, Elisheva!) called “What are You Worried About?” Here’s the tip I personally found most helpful and desperately needed about overcoming worry…

**** Don’t Waste Time Worrying About Things which are Unlikely****
It’s happened to all of us.

Your husband was supposed to be home ten minutes ago. So you call his cellphone, and there’s no answer.

You stay calm for one minute. Maybe two. And then you realize that your husband, G-d forbid, has perished in a car accident, terrorist attack, or is lying unconscious in an emergency room following a massive stroke.

It is true that any of these cataclysmic scenarios are possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. Which is what you realize when your husband walks in the front door whistling and muttering something about a traffic jam and needing to fix his stupid cellphone.

Don’t let your imagination ruin your life with needless worry over unlikely scenarios.

And remember…



  1. this made me literally laugh out loud!
    I thought i was the only one in the world who thinks her husband has been in a terrible accident when she can’t get hold of him (and may even check the news to see if any accidents have been reported)
    thank-you for this timely rmeinder!

  2. Yes, it is easy to let our imaginations run wild. Reminds me of a childhood story I read called “The Three Sillies.” If no one has ever heard of this – Then I will summarize it.

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