Straight from the ICU to his Grandson’s Bris

Straight from the ICU to his Grandson’s Bris

Last month, 56-year-old Tsadok Sambal was critically injured in a traffic accident. While still in the ICU, the wife of Tsadok Sambal’s only son gave birth to Sambal’s first grandchild. The ICU staff at Haifa’s Carmel Hospital managed the near impossible– transporting the new grandfather attached to life-support equipment to attend the bris of his first grandchild. In accordance with the Sephardic tradition, in which babies are named after living relatives, the new grandchild was named in honor of his injured grandfather: Osher Tsadok.

Tsadok Sambal’s wife told YNet, “I am overjoyed that Tsadok was able to meet his first grandchild, I have no words to thank the medical team. They are our angels.”

grandfather at bris

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  1. only in Israel!

  2. Mazel tov to the entire family. May the baby’s parents raise him l’gadla l’Torah l’Chuppah u l’Maasim Tovim in good health ad mea v’esreem.

    While the family feels a debt of gratitude to the grandfather’s medical team, we need to realize they are shluchim of Hashem and are matzliach because Hashem wills it. I personally have the highest regard and admiration for physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, therapists, along with everyone else comprising a medical team. We love, respect, and appreciate all you do to help people maintain good health.

    May the baby’s parents, siblings, and grandparents dance at his wedding.

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