Matisyahu Defiantly Sings “Jerusalem” Despite BDS Protest

Matisyahu Defiantly Sings “Jerusalem” Despite BDS Protest

Reuters reported: “An American Jewish musician who was controversially barred from a reggae festival in Spain before being invited back to play performed to catcalls from some pro-Palestinian protesters on Sunday, though the concert passed off peacefully after a tense build-up. 

“Matisyahu, who fuses reggae, hip-hop and rock with Jewish influences in his songs, was uninvited from the Rototom Sunsplash festival last week when he failed to reply to a demand to clarify his position on Palestinian statehood. 

“Organizers were forced into a U-turn after an outcry, with the Spanish government and Jewish organizations condemning the decision, and invited the artist to play on the last night of the week-long festival.”

How moving, to watch Matisyahu singing “Jerusalem” despite all the hatred and catcalls. 


  1. As a South African denies aparthied in Israel, consider the fact that BDS is biased, forcing apartheid against Israel and the Jewish people. It is biased and bullies boycott f the Israel attacked by rockets and terrorism, rocks, knifing, bullets and bombs. How dumb are those who only see the attackers side of the story. Boycott is equal to bias, is dumb and anti-semitism. BDS denies facts and rallies against the truth. it is politically incorrect and libel. thank you for not being intimidated and remembering Jerusalem, and peace for Jews.

    Parasha/ Haftarah Poetry –Ki Seitze
    By Evelyn Hayes
    © August 24, 2015
    O Mother Jerusalem, shrinking with pain
    You will not suffer forever disdain
    Bereft of children you will inherit
    Stretch from the south to north by merit.

    “For the mountains may be moved and hills falter.”
    And you will no longer suffer slaughter.
    By the pledge that waters will not flood again
    You will enjoy a nation growing by the power of HASHEM.

    Desolation and mortification will no longer be
    A broadening of the tents of your dwellings, you shall see.
    Children will be barefoot and free in your settlements
    His covenant will bring bounty and betterment.

  2. glad to see that he had the courage to choose and perform this of all songs after the controversy.

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