The Most Important Thing to Do (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Most Important Thing to Do (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

How to know what Hashem wants from you at any given moment.


  1. thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much.

  3. How did you know that Hashem wanted you to lay down rather than read a story to that child?

    • because (I think) taking care of myself creates the most good, because:
      1. I feel so much better
      2. I can be a better wife
      3. better mom
      4 better hostess to my guests

      if I forced myself to read the story then while a little good might come of it–over the course of the whole evening MUCH more good comes from some self-care than forcing my tired self to read a story:)

  4. I watched your video and I totally get this. I recently gave birth to our eighth baby and I get this. Right now the best thing I can give my family is a rested happy mom. Not a stressed out mom. Thank you for sharing.

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