Groom Battles Terrorist on Way to Pick up Wedding Suit

Groom Battles Terrorist on Way to Pick up Wedding Suit

This week’s wave of terror attacks has revealed some of the hidden heroes of Am Yisrael.

Heroes like Matan Shukrun.

Yesterday morning, a few hours before his Chinna engagement party, Matan Shukrun was in Jerusalem’s Geula neighorhood with his fiance to pick up his wedding suit. As he got out of his car, he saw that a terrorist had driven into a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop and then had started stabbing people. Here is an excerpt from Shukrun’s interview with Ynet:

“I got to Malchei Yisrael street, and I parked my car there. And suddenly I heard people screaming ‘Terrorist! Terrorist!’

“People were running and right away I took out my pepper spray and a rod I had in my car, and I ran to the site of the attack. I saw a broken bus stop and two yeshiva students who were lying on the ground soaked in blood…The terrorist started getting up, so I sprayed him with pepper spray and hit him with the rod and then, within seconds, another citizen with a gun arrived and shot the terrorist in the chest until he fell to the ground. Within seconds the police arrived…

“What was I thinking at that moment? I saw children running away and I knew this was an area with many Talmud Torahs [religious schools].

“The only thing I thought of at that moment was doing the right thing.

“And unfortunately this is the situation which we are living in today– it’s an Intifada…Tonight I have a Chinah [engagement party] and people are calling and sending messages that ‘We are not able to come.’ This is our reality, the residents of Jerusalem…

“I had come to Geula this morning to pick up the suit for my wedding…And I saw young children running, all I thought of was protecting them. I knew that if the terrorist continued and did what he wanted to do, that he would kill me and not hurt the children. I wanted the children to be safe, and that’s why I did what I did”


  1. you really should translate ALL of what he said–just as important!

  2. I watched the video of the horrid attack several times and I didn’t see this young man do anything at all. At what point was he on the scene?

    • didn’t watch the video, though he describes what he did, maybe he was on the scene after the video ended?

  3. I am glad there are those who are ready to take and stand and protect others. Everyone should have some means of self protection even if it is only a cane. I saw a clip on Arutz Sheva about self defense classes for elderly using canes! Hashem has to protect all of us, but we have to show others that we are not just victims, we can and will fight back and defend ourselves. (easy for me to speak – sitting her in USA) Moshiach NoW!

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