A Big Surprise for Our School Guard

A Big Surprise for Our School Guard

Yesterday, on the way to the Machlis shiva, I took the light rail. Truth is, I was terrified to be on public transportation in these tense times, and seriously considered getting off the train at several points. But as the train progressed along the seam between East and West Jerusalem, nearly every station I passed had a bunch of policemen or soldiers stationed there. Like these soldiers whom I saw when I got off the train (and agreed to pose for this photo!)
And I felt so incredibly grateful so them! If not for them, these young men who risk their lives to protect us, I would have never felt safe enough to take the train or to go anywhere near by “seam” neighborhoods near East Jerusalem at all…

But how could I express to them just how grateful I feel?

In light of the recent terror attacks in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, my daughters’ principal asked herself the same question– how to express thanks to the school guard who has the awesome responsibility of guarding approximately 700 children in these dangerous times. That alone is enough reason to want to say “THANK YOU!” to this young man all day and night. But, on top of his regular responsibilities, this guard has decided that even though he is only paid to remain on duty until 3:30 PM, he will stay at the school every day until 4 PM, until all the children have gotten safely picked up.

So this week, the principal and parents’ association planned a big surprise…They decided to make Monday “School Guard Day.”

All the girls were instructed to bring in 2 shekels (around 50 cents) and a candy or bag of chips. And that morning the principal called the guard and asked him to come to her office. When the guard entered the school, all of the students were waiting for him by the entrance to present the mountain of treats and money they had collected. The guard was so surprised, but insisted that he didn’t deserve all these presents and recognition.

Later that day, the guard decided to return the favor. As the girls exited the school gate, to express his appreciation, he gave every single girl a treat from his mountain of goodies accompanied by a big smile and a heartfelt “thank you.”


  1. Rivkah Lipsker

    Wow! so special what you wrote about surprise to the guard. reminds me of the story of bochur who while stabbed intead of thinking of himself warned others.Hashem please see your nations love and caring and bring the geulah!!!

  2. chana jenny, i like it when you sing our unsung heroes

  3. THIS IS ISRAEL! This is how we respond to terror – with devotion, love and appreciation.

    Am Yisrael Chai.

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