Calmer and Happier Short Fridays (15-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Calmer and Happier Short Fridays (15-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

A few ways to stay sane even when Shabbat starts early.


  1. Felt that way a few weeks ago too!!! Same Friday..
    Thanks so much for your practical tips, they are so good.

  2. Thank you so much, I’d like to add something.
    I also noticed that the majority of shocking terror attacks, starting with the kidnapping and murder of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali Hy”d, occurred on Erev Shabbat (from Thursday night).
    I learned from Rav Ari Shvat, that the geula will arrive in the 6th millenia corressponding to the sixth day which preceeds Shabbat. He concluded the lesson that just as we have a mitzvah to bring Shabbat in early, hence the 18/20/40 minutes before Shkia, so too do we have a mitzvah to actively bring Mashiach early. Shabbat is considered a taste of the world to come, and I deeply believe that these painful birth pangs are bringing us closer to Mashiach and a permanent Shabbat.

  3. That’s crazy, you had the exact same candle lighting time as us – 4:03! Across the world…

    Two things I have worked on to make Fridays easier (after my crazy one about the same week as you!!!)
    1. I tell myself – I am going to be happy and calm NO MATTER WHAT. I tell myself that, really strongly and I do it!

    2. I made a list for the family of everything that is expected of everybody. For example: When you come home from school – you may take a drink and eat a healthy snack and then you MUST do these few things before you do anything else. They then each have jobs. This is so we are not yelling at them to do things all day — now we know what is expected of us, it’s written down, same thing every week.

    (and BTW, all kids shower and bathe Thursday night too!)

    • thanks for the tips sara…makes sense there’s a providence/yerushalayim connection. the city of “hashgacha pratis”

  4. I used to want everything perfect for shabbos, with a couple more kids in tow, I have learned shabbos is still shabbos if there is a pile of stuff on the couch I didn’t have a chance to get to. I will have to get over it and enjoy my kids and home on that shabbos with stuff on the couch and kitchen counters. Not a big deal.

  5. where is that beautiful painting from of the mother lighting the candles???

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